Meet the Cast

Bald Lover

He’s Forty, though he acts younger than a fifteen year old, both in inappropriate jokes, song lyrics and physical fitness (man is he fit!). A software engineer for an agency we can not name, and smarter than anyone I know. He’s a neat freak and a music junky this guy is stuck in the year 1980.
He’s battled skin cancer (pictured), lived with a brain tumor from a random incident…and the occasional gout 🙂 He’s absolutely amazing in every way. Having suffered his share of loses in his life, he latches on to someone he loves and gives absolutely everything he has to them. Bald Lover was a real find when I wasn’t even looking.

In All Her Gracefulness
A.K.A “Grace” 

At fifteen she knows everything. Don’t try to tell her otherwise. Having a GPA of above 4.0 (how the heck do people do that) – and the ability to take multiple AP classes (including AP Chemistry) her brain is huge. Her real name, obviously not Grace, was given to her because of her vast history with random accidents that make you go “how the…”? From running full force into a closed door to breaking her ankle in three places from simply jumping off a curb, this kid has to be reminded daily that her feet are just below her. She calls me mommy when she wants something, Mother when I’m annoying her, and I refuse to even think about what she might call me when she’s with her friends.

Great Gabby
A.K.A “Gabby” 

Nick-named for her ability to carry on a conversation with a styrofoam cup, this kid can talk about anything. Gabby is one giant run on sentence with the desire for you to know every single detail about her day, even the ones no one should know.

She’s one heck of an amazing play-doh cook, busts moves to music that make a homegirl go “What!?” and is so musically inclined she toots in tune, the world would be silent without her.

Momwich Cast


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