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  1. Ha ha every time I see that profile pic it cracks me up.:) Thx for leaving me a comment (a week ago) Uggh, it’s been crazy and I too do not care for Halloween. I haven’t even bought the kids costumes yet. I would just assume skip it but I don’t think they would agree. :-/ Anyhow…YES, I am an Oklahoman. Actually we moved here back in 97 so I think I can claim to be an Oklahoman now. I really love it here of all the places I have lived. Not crazy about winter creeping in but it’s definitely better than the winters we had in MI. We are just outside OKC actually.

    my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

    • Hi Valerie! I’m not excited about Winter either. We’re just outside of OKC as well, on the SW side almost to Moore – I love it out here, even though in my area there is nothing but a Sonic and a 7-11 – I have to drive miles for a Target – but it’s peaceful and good.

  2. LOL, We are on the opposite side of OKC. We are off Choctaw road. We only have a Sonic not even a 7-11 😀 but like you said it’s beautiful and peaceful outside of town.

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