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Wordless Wednesday – A bond like I’ve never had

I wasn’t raised with my sister. In fact, the first memory I have of her was when I was 5 or 6.

I get so frustrated when the girls scream at each other, I try to tell them that not everyone is as lucky as them, and that someday, when mom and dad are gone, they will be each others strongest and closest link to their past.

But they continue to bicker.

And I swear they’ll never get it.

But clearly I am the one that doesn’t get it. They have a bond I’ve never experienced.

I am so glad they have each other.

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Wordless Wednesday – the last one for 2011!

It’s Wordless Wednesday – which is a good thing because I am too damn tired to string words together here.

Wanna see me in my PJs? Too bad. Here I am.

I go to all that trouble to rename people on my blog as “Gabby” and “Grace” and then I post a picture of us in robes with our names on it. Whatever.

The Bald Lover always gets us matching something with our name on it. This year he got me my very favorite. I’d tell you more about it, but again, Wordless Wednesday. Will I ever learn?

In other news, my daughter is tall when she wears my heels.

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Wordless Wednesday – Christmas Edition

For starters, when you’ve nothing better to do and you kinda think you’re funny…


But seriously, here’s how we do Christmas around Momwichville.

and finally, our half-assed attempt at a Christmas family photo complete with half-smiles, faded lights,  and poor clarity.

Merry Christmas, Y’all!

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Wordless Wednesdays: Evidenced Rip Off (but we love it)

I have to giggle every time I see Reggie sitting on our counter.



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{Wordless Wednesdays}

I’m thankful aunt Vanessa took this photo. I don’t deserve those kisses – yesterday’s post tells why.

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Bye-Bye Mama…


Mother and Son share a peaceful fall discussion. Used with permission of Bald Lover.



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It stands for Thank God Halloween Is Over. It’s an all new acronym, feel free to use it if you hated Halloween as much as I did.

As I mentioned in this post I really dreaded Halloween.

My ex-husband handles that Holiday because of his insane love to spend moola to dress up and trick-or-treat with his best friend. I handle *all* of the rest of the holidays because I’m the mommy. Only this year, the ex-husband decides not to handle it because it’s on a week night and we live an hour away (an hour, so, like, not in another flipping state, but whatever, I will not rant).

Grace decided that at nearly 16 years old she’d go with her friends and watch movies and eat junk food – so she wasn’t home, and Doug was set to go to a meeting/event for his rehab. It was the set up for pure disaster. Just me and Gabby on the Holiday of shit.

Gabby was going to have a makeshift Halloween costume – as a cheerleader from hell, using her sisters former cheerleading outfit. It was a few notches down from the handmade costume that she had from her dad and (busted, name removed) (his girlfriend)..

 Her dad had planned take them costume shopping this past weekend if Bald Lover and I would pay him back, but baby daddy is a college student with a boat-load of homework so time ran out and we were making due.

It really looked like it would be a dreadful holiday, like all the Halloweens before.

But then Bald Lover bought three big bags of candy to pass out. I’ve never been able to pass out candy on Halloween. For 9 of the 14 years I lived in Tulsa, we had to go to the ex’sbest friend’s house so they could dress up together and trick or treat, consequently our house was always dark and undecorated (and often egged by angry trick-or-treaters).

And Bald Lover decided to stay home from his event to spend time with us — he walked WITH us and wasn’t preoccupied.

. And Gabby looked awfully pretty in her costume, if dead can be pretty and it didn’t cost us a thing.

 Trick-or-treating was fun, we saw neighbors, the weather was gorgeous, and our few trick-or-treaters were delightful. The dog barked and the candy was delicious, and Grace was home before curfew and suddenly Halloween wasn’t bad afterall.

And then it hit me. I don’t hate Halloween, I hate that I never created the opportunity to enjoy it for so many years. Being married to Bald Lover and in this great city has done something to me.

Halloween is a little more awesome.

Also, white chocolate peanut butter cups are to die for.

Can’t wait for next year.