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It could be because I lived a while in a tent. It could be because I’m just tight, whatever the reason, my coupons roll with me wherever I go.



It stands for Thank God Halloween Is Over. It’s an all new acronym, feel free to use it if you hated Halloween as much as I did.

As I mentioned in this post I really dreaded Halloween.

My ex-husband handles that Holiday because of his insane love to spend moola to dress up and trick-or-treat with his best friend. I handle *all* of the rest of the holidays because I’m the mommy. Only this year, the ex-husband decides not to handle it because it’s on a week night and we live an hour away (an hour, so, like, not in another flipping state, but whatever, I will not rant).

Grace decided that at nearly 16 years old she’d go with her friends and watch movies and eat junk food – so she wasn’t home, and Doug was set to go to a meeting/event for his rehab. It was the set up for pure disaster. Just me and Gabby on the Holiday of shit.

Gabby was going to have a makeshift Halloween costume – as a cheerleader from hell, using her sisters former cheerleading outfit. It was a few notches down from the handmade costume that she had from her dad and (busted, name removed) (his girlfriend)..

 Her dad had planned take them costume shopping this past weekend if Bald Lover and I would pay him back, but baby daddy is a college student with a boat-load of homework so time ran out and we were making due.

It really looked like it would be a dreadful holiday, like all the Halloweens before.

But then Bald Lover bought three big bags of candy to pass out. I’ve never been able to pass out candy on Halloween. For 9 of the 14 years I lived in Tulsa, we had to go to the ex’sbest friend’s house so they could dress up together and trick or treat, consequently our house was always dark and undecorated (and often egged by angry trick-or-treaters).

And Bald Lover decided to stay home from his event to spend time with us — he walked WITH us and wasn’t preoccupied.

. And Gabby looked awfully pretty in her costume, if dead can be pretty and it didn’t cost us a thing.

 Trick-or-treating was fun, we saw neighbors, the weather was gorgeous, and our few trick-or-treaters were delightful. The dog barked and the candy was delicious, and Grace was home before curfew and suddenly Halloween wasn’t bad afterall.

And then it hit me. I don’t hate Halloween, I hate that I never created the opportunity to enjoy it for so many years. Being married to Bald Lover and in this great city has done something to me.

Halloween is a little more awesome.

Also, white chocolate peanut butter cups are to die for.

Can’t wait for next year.


Sub-Par at my Best – it’s Sorta Fall Anyway.

I’m not a homemaker. Only I am a homemaker. Only not. I don’t cook, I hate holidays and I spend the majority of the day working from home instead of working ON the home. But it’s Fall break and I made a promise to myself that I’d spend more time with the kids starting now. This grand idea might have come after some sappy song about second chances defining you played on the radio, or from the guilt of the night last week where I was working clear until bedtime, or the subtle reminders of all my health ailments and how precious life really is and I shouldn’t take it for granted but regardless, I needed to spend time with my long-haired offspring.

Hi, I’m Brandy and I. HATE. HALLOWEEN. Which is the very reason that my divorce papers with my baby-daddy states that he gets them EVERY Halloween and I get them every Fourth of July. This year, Halloween is in the middle of the week (didn’t think about these consequences when I moved 100+ miles from the ex) so I get the kids this Halloween meaning I in the eyes of said little tax-deductions, I should do ALL of the Halloween tasks. I did tell you I’m not particularly fond of this holiday?

Anyway, decorations.

So we went to get Pumpkins.

Now I’m not even an over-achiever at being sub-par. I’m mediocre at best. So while all the internet takes their kids in their posh matching outfits to the pumpkin patch and feeds animals and has hay rides and leaves with just-the-perfect-pumpkin-ever– we went to WALMART. I never go to Walmart. Like, not even for last minute razors on the way out of town. I hate the place and avoid it at all costs. So don’t ask me why I whipped the car into the parking lot today, I was right in the middle of a holiday-that-I-hate freak out.

While we’re there choosing just which Walmart pumpkin we’d like the best, Grace was talking about how she would love to make pumpkin pie, you know, to go with our pumpkin theme. That might have scared me into a heart arrythmia and the next thing I know I jerked the cart down the frozen food section begging for Mrs. Smith to rescue me with her wholesome frozen Pumpkin Pie, ready in under 30 minutes or eat the crap cold – it was perfect to me if only “okay” with the girls.

Being that this was the first pumpkin carving I’d ever taken part in, I allowed the girls to school me on how to clean a pumpkin’s stringy nasty guts out while the smell of a frozen pumpkin pie baked in the background.

It’s freaking nasty. Gabby continued to run and wash her hands every few scrapes while we both made small gagging noises.

Eventually Grace got the amazingly bright idea that we should roast pumpkin seeds like her never-to-be-stepmom and dad do with her. Though I can make a mean hamburger helper, I’m no cook – but I wasn’t about to be one-upped by the “other house” (it’s cool, we all get along) so I quickly googled directions for roasting pumpkin seeds and settled for the first search result on google. They turned out nicely even though I was out of 2 of the 4 ingredients..

The girls continued to carve their pumpkins as I sat close by reading my twitter feed supervised like a responsible parent and spent time with them.

They ate their made-from-the-heart frozen pie and CONTINUED to carve the pumpkins. I imagine this special task doesn’t typically take the  ENTIRE day, but the genius mother in this family knowing nothing about pumpkin carving only bought one pumpkin carving tool to share between the two kids. I’m a genius, I tell ya.

When it was all said and done a frozen pie satisfied them nearly as good as a homemade one, a Walmart pumpkin carved similar to a prestigious pumpkin patch pumpkin and the pumpkin seeds were (and I quote) “better than” the other ones they’d had.

I’m sub-par but it’s sorta Fall around here afterall.

This weekend we buy Halloween Costumes. Oh God.

Couponing – Teach an old dog new tricks (please)!

See this beautiful girl clipping coupons for mommy during her routine chore of saving me $3 whole dollars!!!? I hate to break it to her that we have no where to put those awesome coupons she’s clipping….
I used to pride myself in my couponing, and frankly, I bragged about that one time I was on the cover of Refunding Cents – but dear good coupon grief that was years ago. Years ago when I had TIME and when I was broke and needed every spare cent I could find – not that I’m rich now, goodness, far from it, but I can finally walk past a heads down penny on the toasty pavement without stopping to add it to my small collections of other pennies that might add up some day to a fountain drink at my favorite convenience store.

I really miss feeling like I got a great deal, and have been doing most excellent (read: average) with my coupon savings lately, $50 here, $28 there – but I’m so limited because I’m so disorganized.

See that small little pink thing on the corner of the table? That’s my coupon organizer, It’s a small and rather useless piece of plastic harnessed by an stretched out elastic band that does. not. work. I can’t count the times I’ve been leafing through my coupons while blocking the entire aisle of our grocery store and that elastic band comes lose and coupons go raining down on the floor. Embarassment doesn’t describe it. Not to mention it’s lack of cozy compartments that are labled with organized stashes of my favorite deals. It’s so over-crammed I couldn’t tell you what was in it right now. So I’m begging and pleading with my fellow good-deal lovers. Bring me up to date, get me out of the ratted hair, stonewashed jeans nineties that my couponing habits are stuck like cement in. What do you use? How do you make it work. Sure I could spend more hours googling away, but I need real life answers. *help*.

Coupon Mom is back!

I used to be way in deep in my couponing ways – for starters, I used to always be able to find them when I needed them…. then came working three jobs, raising up two kids, PTA, Cheer President, Soccer Coach, Divorce, Relocation, Remarriage, More Work… Finally I have the time again, and this gets me giddy.

It’s pretty fantabulous when you can spend $60.00 a week to feed your family of four.

Some really fantabulous deals today:

Borden Pepper Jack Cheese Slices — $2.29 – 0.30 One Card Savings – $1.00 coupon doubled = they paid me a penny to take it.

Post Shredded Wheat Cereal — $4.09-$1.59 One Card Savings – $1.00 coupon doubled = .50 for a box of cereal. Yeah.

Rhodes Soft White Warm and Serve (frozen rolls) $2.69-$0.20 One Card Savings – $1.00 coupon doubled =.49 for ’em!

Crystal Light Drink Mix $3.99-$1.60 One Card Savings – $1.00 coupon doubled = .39 for the box

V8 Splash Juices (2) $6.58 -1.40 One Card Savings – $1.00 coupon doubled =$3.18 for 2 64oz bottles. more than 50% off.

Oh, and my favorite candy bar.

3 Musketeers – (2)  $1.74 – $0.16 One Card Savings – $.50 coupon doubled = .58 cents for two candybars.

So not an excellent shopping trip today, but a pretty good one. I saved a total of $28.31. Not worthy of my own television show, but hey, my family has an extra $28.00 in our pockets that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

❤ go use your coupons!

I’m always up for a good deal

Coupons are always in hand (or in the trunk, or on the kitchen counter, or stashes somewhere in my closet where I sat down my purse) — ok, maybe not always in my hand, being that I typically have to go on a good hourly hunt for them, if I even remember to take them. But today’s great deal was perfect — the coupons were in the paper that I sat down to read, it’s like God was telling me it was time to make a purchase. I needed conditioner, and the answer laid right there in my CVS circular. Here’s how it played out.

Regularly $4.99 each, on sale 2 for $6.97 – $3.00 coupon off two, – $2.50 rewards bucks equals $1.87 tax included. Yep, $0.93 cents each. So my hair will smell clean, but not cheap clean! Conditioner and Spray Gel… the spray gel is just for looks, as I rarely do my hair these days.    🙂 Rocking savings of $9.05,

Pronounced Bald Man and Fat Wife :)

“Arent you guys moving too quickly?” –  a question I know both Douglas and I have been tired of hearing from concerned friends and family. After a disasterous past few years for each of us individually, happiness could not come quick enough.

I didn’t expect to ever find love again, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t care if it ever happened for me again or not. I’d been burned, and had been the burner, and love sucked. Even in the gentle words of my own Father, I could no longer find comfort that anything in life was true on the surface. Outwardly the public only witnessed a year of sadness and defeat in my life, but hidden was several years of misery and a life wasted by just getting through the days.

Doug has had his own share of defeat, stories that mimic my life experiences, and ones that blow anything I’ve ever encountered out of the water, and in agreement with my own beliefs, he had no desire to ever fall in love again.

I won’t bore you with the fact that the world stopped in one breath when we laid eyes on each other last year, or with my philosophy that God has built a fresh new love out of the crumbled remains of two broken people. What I will tell you is that this is a different kind of love for me, and while no one can predict the future, surprisingly I am excited for what it may hold… I didn’t think I’d ever marry again… but I did.

As unique as our love is, so too was our wedding. After a family day in a cabin at Turner Falls Doug and I were united in marriage at a little wedding chappel in the Arbuckle Mountains on July 3, 2009 at 11:30 AM. Without lavish clothing, or countless guests, we joined our lives, with the two little people that matter most, Brittani and Brooke, in simple clothing knowing that the end result would be a pledge that we were both excited to make, one that had definitely not come too soon.


Foregoing the expensive jewelry, Doug and I were married using wedding rings that we won playing skiball, and proudly asked the girls to be our photographers.

I’m happier now than I’ve been in years, This has been a long time coming.