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{Favorite Fridays} Words from Mom

I know they aren’t much to look at  – simple little basic journals, with symbols on the front that really don’t symbolize anything at all, the UPC on the back shows a dollar general code, reminisent of a time in my life when all I could afford was dollar store. These journals were purchased in 2002, making me 22 years old at the time, with two children.

In late 2000 I had fallen pretty terribly ill, and hadn’t done much recovering, I was feeling awful, and questioning if I would live to see the girls grow up. In a last ditch effort to be there for them, I purchased these journals and begin to write to them on a regular basis

“Gabby: Today you looking into the full length mirror in my bedroom and delighted you said “mommy, I’m so big now, I go all the way from the floor to my head!” – 06/04/2003

“Grace: Today when I was slightly short tempered, you asked me in your small voice if I still liked you, and like a complete smack in the face I realized how hurtful words can be to such a sweet spirit. Of course I like you. I love you, and I appreciate you reminding me that my actions affect others”. – 06/17/02

Though when I purchased these journals I thought I would fill them up with all sorts of things from how to choose a man to marry to how to make my pot roast, all of the things you want to pass on to your kids, all of the things that in that time I was unsure I would be able to do. Instead it turned into occassional updates garnished with emotions and coupled with mild life advice from mom. I’ve been writing in them since 2002 – nearly 10 years. I always know exactly where they are, and sometimes when I fear the kids are getting too big for mommy, I sit and read the passages to remind me of the days when they were young.


Favorite Fridays – Leatherbound Bible

{Favorite Fridays – all of the things that make me happy}

This leatherbound bible was a complete surprise to me. It was my eighteenth birthday and I had finally straightened out my life – I had a 2 year old daughter by this time, afterall – I was graduated from High School, working, not getting into trouble anymore or backtalking – planning to move out a few months later into my own life.

My aunt and uncle are from the side of the family I was never particularly close with. I don’t know how to explain it – that side of the family walked a straight line, their kids went to church camp and mission trips, and I skipped class and smoked cigarettes. I was the black sheep, though they never said that and they always made me feel welcome, I just knew I was different and I wasn’t ready to change.

On my eighteenth birthday my mom handed me a gift bag and told me if was from my aunt and uncle. When I opened the bag and pulled out the bible tears stung my eyes. It was almost like pulling the bible out of that bag was an invitation to start doing things right. The way I had always wanted to – just hadn’t been able to find the beginning.

I hadn’t needed a book to get through childhood, I had parents who guided me and loved me, but now I was about to do this life thing on my own, and there was a right way and a wrong way.  I was elated. It was so touching, so exciting, so pretty and all mine.

There’s no denying that it went without being opened for the first year and a half. I wanted to sit down and read it, really. But in my mind there was no time, and I really wasn’t sure where to start. Little did I know that two and a half years later in 2000, the words within that bible would create faith and hope that would lead me out of the darkest place in my life, and continue to lead me from dark places for the remaining years.

Sure, it reads “Brandy Humphrey” a name that I haven’t held legally in 14 years, in fact, I’ve held two names since being Brandy Humphrey. And Granted, There are so many passages in this Bible that I just can’t understand. Passages that leave me confused, lines that scare me, words I can’t pronounce, but in the times that I really need knowledge, understanding, and comfort, or to answer a question for my daughters, the pages open up as though I’m being guided to them by God himself and the words leap from the page, easily understood.

Ironically, I’ve spent more time with this aunt and uncle in the past year then my entire childhood combined. And I love them, and I love their love for the Lord.

Favorite Fridays – My favorite leather bound Bible. My chance to do it right.