About Momwich

Brandy Burke – AKA “Momwich”

My best feature is being a mother. I was fifteen when the oldest was born, twenty when the youngest made her appearance. They’re truly the best thing that I have ever done. Maybe the only thing I’ve ever done right.

I’m married to My favorite bald guy, he’s my second husband and the only one that counts. I relocated 200 miles to a brand new town to be his wife, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I was raised dirt poor, which really isn’t so bad when you’re raising kids, my stories are better than the “walked two miles to school up hill both ways” ones that the older generation tell. I had no clue I was poor, I was so loved. My parents made a lot of sacrifices for me and continue to be some of my biggest fans.

I’ve survived congestive heart failure not once, but twice, beginning at the early age of 15. It’s not something to brag about, because any of us can be swept off the planet without a seconds notice, but raising two kids and praying excessively gave me the will to fight.

I gave up corporate world a year ago because I realized my time raising kids was nearing an end. Now I am self employed and supplement that with freelance writing. I see my kids now, it rocks.

I love couponing, making jewelry, traveling, being crafty and my family. I hate movies, putting away laundry and waiting for the microwave to beep before I open the door – all symptoms of my brilliant A.D.D.



One response to “About Momwich

  1. Just found your blog…LOVE your photos! Tee hee, specially the last one! 😀

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