All I do is Pinterest

I know my family has to be going nuts at my lack of – living? There’s no time for cleaning, there’s no time for scrabble, or visiting, there’s only time for Pinterest. Notice how I didn’t say anything about there not being time for eating? Yeah, because fat girl always makes time for food, especially while I Pinterest. Pinterest is now a verb.
This month I’ve gone slightly nuts with my Pinterest.

I started with making this painting from Pinterest to match the girls vibrant colored bathroom. I for some reason can’t find it on my pinterest, so if you have it on your board, holler so I can give appropriate credit?

So it didn't turn out perfectly but in the dark cubby of the bathroom, it works.

But I didn’t stop at that with their bathroom. I found this cute saying on Pinterest and decided to type it out in Photoshop and match it to the color of the bathroom, I framed it for their bathroom counter, hoping it would start their day off awesome every morning, instead it collects a lot of toothpaste splatter. I sorta buffed the toothpaste and spit off with my boob. You’re welcome.

Pretend it doesn't have their names on there. In fact, I have no idea whose names those are.

This post has been brought to you by the letter B

And here’s my B for my office. Represent, yo!

Then, I found this technique on Pinterest and this saying. It totally reflects who I am when I’m not being perfect, so I made it for my office. Then I realized I really don’t want my clients to see it, so it’s sort of in the corner.

I never finish anyth

Then, because apparently I’m a fan of paper balls? The purple one was made out of post it notes. Each petal is one post it note. The turquoise one was made out of streamers. I have no idea why I thought I needed to make these.

I attempted to make this. And I hate it. HATE it. So, I guess I’ll throw it away as soon as my hubby drinks another 6 pack of rootbeer and gives me the cardboard.


I finger crocheted this last night and actually spent time with my kids by teaching them how to finger crochet too. Go me and all my super mom antics.

Proof of the Super Mom

And finally tonight, I made this cute clutch that we decided was a funny shape/size and was only good for holding a banana, but it’s a banana clutch, not to be confused with a banana hammock. I obviously made a slight detour from the pattern.

If it's a banana hammock, its the best damn banana hammock

Banana Hammock

SO anyway, I have a whole list of thingsI absolutely can not wait to make, so if you don’t see me on Facebook or Twitter for a while, and if the kids look unfed, don’t act all surprised.

Follow me on Pinterest here so I can follow you back and steal all your great finds
Also, I totally put my website on all the pictures to flatter myself. Whatever.

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10 responses to “All I do is Pinterest

  1. So when we get our interventions and go to Palm Partners, wanna room together?

  2. Pinterest is the best way to find ideas! I’m so obsessed with it. Great job on the painting!!

    • Thanks for the compliment on the painting, I had so hoped it would turn out just a little darker, but it was my first time to ever paint anything on canvas! I love Pinterest!

  3. At least you are actually making the stuff you find and not just pinning and saying “one day” like I do. When I saw that first photo I actually thought, “OMG, I have that pinned!” Here you go,

  4. Thanks for sharing your awesome! I love that you ACTUALLY make things i just pin like a madwoman!

  5. Prettiest banana hammock I’ve ever seen – ha ha ha!!

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