Christmas 2011 – A Photo Journal

So. Christmas was here. And in the whirlwind of everything else going on, I kinda over looked it here. So this post is for me. For my “files” for the “things I kinda did right” archive. Because otherwise, like these pictures, the memories will go to the bottom of a pile in some box and be forgotten.

We started off our Christmas Eve making Peanut Butter Pie. I showed you how to make it here if you’re interested.

Now mom and dad brought their new Christmas toys — laptops, to use while they were down. So While we made Peanut Butter Pie, Dad did this:

Then we made Andes Mint Cookies that I found on Pinterest. Holy Moly. These are so much better than the ones that we make with the Andes Mint Chips that take forever.

They were absolutely delicious. I had to force my daddy to eat one because he was busy doing this:

Notice how dark it has gotten outside? 😛

Then it was time to Chill and do your own thing while I laid out everything for dinner the next day. I like to work in advance because I never know how I will feel from one day to the next, so I say while the heart is beating good, might as well get as much pre-done as I can. Meanwhile…

There was TV Watching, Nail Painting, Doll Outfit Sewing and Dog Sleeping

While I did some heavy stressing and some “DO NOT TAKE MY PHOTO” moves

Then we made reindeer food, wrote letters and did some tracking. I do not care how old they get I will always force them to do this if we stop one tradition we stop them all and I KNOW YOU WANT TO EAT FOOD ON CHRISTMAS.

You know where daddy was and at this point, my mom had joined him in a harmonious side-by-side surf of the web, or solitare or whatever.

Anyway at some point we slept and then I got a phone call at 6 in the morning from Grace who was begging me to wake up already. I groggily walked in to Gabby’s room to find them both waiting on me. They never hang out, so this was awesomesauce.

Then it was time to open the heck outta some presents, for two hours of happiness and bliss.

Of course, my two favorite pictures are of the girls unwrapping two of their favorites —
Grace opened something COACH brand and Gabby opened up the Sock Monkey she’s coveted. Of all the hundreds of presents it took a sock monkey to get this face out of her.

Afterwards we played “Find The Pickle” with the pickle ornament. Grace won this year, which is good because Gabby won last year. The prize is always scratch tickets. Whatever, you let your kids gamble too, don’t lie. Law Breaking on Christmas is what this world is about. Ahem.

The guys decided to sneak out for a nice cigar. Disregard our funky unkept patio, it’s freaking winter time.

Then I cooked for nine-million hours and we ate for all of 30 minutes

But as soon as that was all over, can you guess where my Daddy was?

It was an amazing Christmas.

2 responses to “Christmas 2011 – A Photo Journal

  1. this was a very good blog 🙂 I enjoyed the pics and commentary 🙂

  2. I love the scratch offs!!!! We put 2 in Little Love’s stocking and all-be-darned…. She won $7 and promptly traded it for cash in her hot little hand!!!! It was great… I think this will be a continuing tradition in our Christmas routine.

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