My Dearest Santa,

Dearest Santa,

I haven’t been so good this year. I know I promised to be better in 2011, but I lost track somewhere along the way.
I fussed about housework, even though I promised I would be thankful for the opportunity to clean up after those I love.
I grumbled when Gabby wanted me to watch movies with her, even though I swore I’d take in every parenting moment I could.
I griped when Grace borrowed my shoes (and jewelry and purses and hair accessories and…) even when I remembered that that would come to an end in a few short years when she’s an adult.
I was short when my husband asked for a kiss after I had already rolled over. I know it doesn’t take much to roll back over and give him a kiss, but it was the principle that I’d been facing him all freaking evening and when I finally rolled over to sleep THEN he wanted a kiss. I was tired you know, from the house work, and the bitching about all of the other things.
I know.
I’m pretty lucky that someone like him wants to kiss me.

I could have given more at church, I could have volunteered more time, I could definitely have cussed less when in traffic with a bunch of damn idiots. There I go again. You know me, always making promises I can’t keep.
I make mountains out of molehills and I fight to be right, not to solve problems. I get by doing as little as I can and if I do much more than that, I make sure that people take notice.
Somehow I’m loved, but in retrospect, I wasn’t much of a blessing in 2011.

So I don’t want any presents.

But the girls and Bald Lover have been anything but naughty. Oh sure, there’s attitude and stuff, but they all get that from me. So along with their presents, could you help the day go beautifully. Make the Ham edible, help me to bite my tounge, Prevent me from arguing with a teenager until they cry, just for this one day.
Let the “economically friendly”presents brighten their eyes, and let their dad call them and not get into a fight.
Just this one Christmas.
And next year, I promise, I’ll be so super awesome. I really will.

P.S. Don’t eat the cookie on the right, it has been on the floor.
P.S.S : We’re also making you Peanut Butter Pie



I freaking love lovelinks!

17 responses to “My Dearest Santa,

  1. this post had me nodding my head and laughing … I’m so with you.
    next year will be bet … well, next year will be next year 😉

  2. Hmm…I don’t know about being thankful for the opportunity to pick up! I’m asking Santa for more patience next year!

  3. I sure hope Santa didn’t eat that cookie on the right! (-:

  4. If that puts you on the naughty list, you’ll have a whole bunch of other moms with you on there! Laughing at the cookie comment. 😉

  5. I’m sure you can be forgiven all those things if you just throw out the cookie on the right.

    There ya go.

    All set.

  6. The kiss… I know that moment… and you are so right about both how easy it would be to just roll back over and give the kiss and how lucky we are to have such awesome guys who want to kiss us.

    And as far as the cookie goes…as long as the dog didn’t lick it, I’d say it’s still good to go!

    Here’s to 2012 🙂

  7. I made both my older kids cry two days before Christmas. What do I win?

  8. Funny stuff! I guess I should have warned Santa that the dog licked his cookie? Nah.

  9. Wait a minute… I thought Santa was only watching the kids?!? He’s watching me too?? I totally made the naughty list then!

  10. Peanut Butter Pie… that should make up for everything right??? You are soooo not alone. It’s hard being a momma. We are so many things to so many people in our lives. It is hard to meet all of our expectations. I also loved your Christmas Day requests. You had me giggling out loud.

    Soooo how did it go??? Did he listen to you?

  11. This is so great on my levels. First, let’s talk about all the things we don’t do exactly right…but we are nearly there and then we write this post and we roll over, and we argue less,and smile more and bitch a little less. Teenagers cry anyway either because of hormones or because nothing is fair, ever! Then you know that those economically friendly gifts are awesome because they are just what they wanted or needed and that ham is special because you don’t have it all the time and even if it is off (my turkey walked the line this year!) it’s hilarious and you will all laugh. And then the cookie on the floor, well, jeez who doesn’t eat off the floor these days, they say the 5 second rule is more like minutes and since Santa is magical, it should be all good:) Just lovely, I am pretty sure you were pretty good in 2011 and will only be better in 2012.

  12. Aw,you’re so honest!! From what I hear, Santa’s pretty forgiving especially to those who apologize 🙂

  13. I love the way you talk about the moments when you come up short without judging yourself too harshly. There is honesty and humor and an implicit determination to do better next time. But you don’t beat yourself up. Can you teach me how to do that?

    Happy New Year!!

  14. Great, someone beat me to the punch!! At least your bald lover asked you for a kiss. Grumble all you want about cleaning up after folks. I get tired to. Lovely reading you from lovelinks!

  15. I laughed when I read this, because it could’ve been written about me! So glad I’m not alone!

  16. I think Santa has probably eaten things far worse than a cookie on the floor – besides, the carpet fuzz will boost his immune system. Love this post – especially the kiss/rolling over dilemma. Been there, done that – both the rolling over and the “oh good lord fine here’s a kiss” … hope santa brought you a little something in the stocking – honesty should be rewarded!

  17. That’s an awesome letter to Santa! But darn you for admitting that you’re not perfect. We’re never supposed to admit that, are we? 😉

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