You don’t have to stress, I do that enough for us both.

In the past week I have:

1. Worried about Anesthesia so underwent an unsedated procedure – which kept me awake for days leading up to it out of fear of horendous pain that everyone said it would cause – which it didnt.
2. Worried because afterwards I had a fever for like 5 minutes.
3. Worried about the safety of driving 4 hours for Thanksgiving. We made it just fine.
4. Worried about the fact that my husband added a former girl on his facebook and therefore was going to leave me and I would have to move my kids again and go through a nasty divorce.
5. Worried about the words “pulmonary Hypertension” on my echo report which turns out that Is just a suggestion and sort of goes along with the heart failure.
6. Worried about my daughter because some of her so-called friends like to make her feel like total shit about her appearance, etc.
7. Worried about how we were going to transport a 6′ desk (heirloom) from Tulsa to OKC which is still a worry.
8. Worried because my husband washed my sweater on Delicate instead of Handwash cycle – it looks fine.
9. Worried that I was going to die exercising – still believe I might, therefore it’s safer to just sit right here thankyouverymuch.
10. Worried about Gabby’s science fair experiment – which we completed in the nick of time.
11. Worried that Grace didn’t get her make-up work and she didn’t but you know what? she’s almost 16. Lessons!
12. Worried that Bald Lover’s birthday presents got stolen off the front porch while we were gone, it didn’t.
13. Worried someone was going to break in to our home while we were gone so I contacted not one but two neighbors to keep watch
14. Worried that the deli gave me the wrong portions for the 500 calorie or less meal (omg, they better not have!)
15. Worried that I wouldn’t be able to calculate how much sugar was in their tea (i mistakenly ordered it) (I didn’t even try to calculate it)
16. Worried I wouldnt be able to find a Red Tutu for Gabby’s play (I found one, though I won’t tell you what the seller called it.
17. Worried about finances for Christmas time which I always do and it turns out fine
18. Worried about the check engine light in my car which must mean the car is going to explode.
19. Worried that I was forgetting something I worried about.

It’s been proven that 80% of everything you worry about never happens, proof that worrying really does prevent catastrophy 🙂

2 responses to “You don’t have to stress, I do that enough for us both.

  1. Worry, worry, worry! That’s all I’ve been doing since I became a mommy. I find myself worrying about the littlest things, too. I wish it was so easy to just relax! I’ll be right there beside you with the anxiety! 🙂

  2. Your blog is super fun 🙂 The Anxiety Girl hit a little too close to home, lol. Last night my husband and I found out you can now pay our car insurance online (it was the only bill my husband is responsible for since he usually pays it in person), so I turned to him and playfully patted him on the head and said, “Look, its one less thing your pretty little head has to worry about – now I’m responsible for ALL the bills!” heehee…I came across your blog through bloggy moms under Oklahoma bloggers. Have a great week, look forward to reading your posts 🙂

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