The Otherside of Friendship

So, my regular readers may be quite familiar with the Sans Besties post that I made a few days ago – and the fact that my husband chimed in this morning with his thoughts on friendship (it’s in the comments).

I know there is another side of friendship. Because I see it all the time with my kiddos. In fact, our house is routinely filled with 4 sixteen year olds and 2 eleven year olds, something I’m quite fond of.

The 16 year olds hang out together constantly, they lean on each other when things aren’t going right, they study endlessly at our dining room table, they have sushi together, they shop together, they get on each other’s nerves, they say things like “tots adorbs” and “cutesy” and have inside jokes. They celebrate each other’s birthdays, they hurt each other’s feelings, but they’re there for each other. The four of them. From an outsider’s perspective they are four completely different individuals, but somehow they work.

A 16th birthday toast. Don't have a granny fit, it's sprite.


 Gabby’s friendships are maturing. They are much like mini marriages, there are fights and bickering, giggles, jokes, hurt feelings, laughing, singing – and there is time to grow them in to something really special but for now, they are hovering in extremes – from putting on way too much lip gloss and make up to seem more grown up to spending a Saturday morning playing hide and seek and karaoking, talking about boys, playing m.a.s.h but still sleeping with their stuffed animals.

Gabby (right) and her friend. Bows and lipgloss.

I’m grateful for both ages and stages of friendship in this house and I hope they never get to the kermudgenly grumpy old age that I am in friendships.

And I hope they never quit filling this home with kids.

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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