It’s Oklahoma, but we do not all have donkeys

We’re in Oklahoma – we had an earthquake. And unless you live under a rock I’m sure you’ve heard about it.

But I honestly hate what you’ve heard.

It pisses me off.

I’ll be the first to admit that I get all sorts of adrenaline about Earthquakes, and a 5.8 is mild enough to keep our homes and families alive but strong enough to feel the earth quiver.

But OMG the freaking media and what they leak out.


I’m going to paraphrase so I don’t have to quote sources, because I don’t want to give any high-fives to any of the media who did this crap, unless that high-five is to the back of their heads.

First I absolutely posted to facebook about my excitement about the Earthquakes. Maybe two or three times. Maybe more. But within minutes there are photos of lawn-chairs knocked over in a yard with a title similar to “Oklahoma Earthquake, we will survive” or “we will rebuild” or “we will never forget” or whatever. And I can take a joke, make light of a situation, I agree. I giggled a little, but before I knew it EVERYONE was posting it on facebook and it was viral before long the image had been edited into something not even funny and out-of-state tweeters were passing it back and forth with us being the butt of the joke.

Then there are news reports about how a television fell of the wall and woke someone up during the earthquake.

But the worst thing to go viral on my twitter and news feed is something about how one resident felt the shimmer of the earth and thought his neighbors Donkey got out and was ‘scratchin’ on the trailer.

When I read that, my face boiled.

The news reports show perfectly NORMAL men and women standing around being interviewed afterwards but the only one they air? The guy with no shirt,  no shoes, big old belly with a big cigarette hanging out of his mouth and a southern accent so thick it was impossible to really understand what he was saying as they cut the camera down to his child (grandchild?) who was in nothing but a diaper. Plenty of clothed kids in Oklahoma but lets show the naked one in the cold to the world. GAH!

We are not non-english-speaking-ignorant-cow-mongers hanging out in a bunch of woods eating tree bark till our teeth fall out, nor are we all negligent parents who fail to watch the weather forecast before we dress our kids.

There can be a thousand great quotes to a news story and the damn media picks out the most red-necked quote they can find to broadcast.

Believe it or not, Oklahoma City is a nice CITY with buildings, and businessmen, towers, multi-level malls, eateries, Bricktown, nightlife, movie theaters, arts districts and well-educated men and women raising our families the best way we know how. There are cows and pastures and good old farm life around here too – as there should be, but they are good smart people that are ALSO misrepresented by the news. And yes, there are some crazy hillbilly and mountain folk and probably some sister wives amongst preachers and sinners and thieves. We stand outside to watch tornadoes pass over but we get a little startled by an earthquake. It’s a normal city, with normal people, and the things that our media leaks out for whatever reason does not represent the whole.

While I’ve not taken a poll, I imagine that the awesome farmers/country dwellers in Oklahoma certainly don’t want to be portrayed as ignorant people.

Our paid media spokesmen should really be ashamed of the kind of state they portray us to live in.

I’d never want to raise my kids anywhere else.

*disclaimer: If you are a negligent parent, and this post makes you mad… good! Go change your child’s diaper. If you are a farmer that supplies me with fresh eggs, milk, and wheat, you rock, and this post isn’t about you. It’s about the few rare gems that they feature on the news to represent us all the time.

(I’m a nice person, you just caught me on a bad day)

Also, I’m shaking my head mostly in silence at the outbreak of “Oklahoma Earthquake 2011 survivors” groups on facebook, etc now.

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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