Has it been three years?

Has it really been three years?

That means three years and 6 months ago was the worst times of my life. That means that 3 years 6 months ago I was completely lost, newly a single mom having just left what I like to refer to as the twilight zone of my life. That means that it’s been over three years since I was a damsel in distress. Only no one knew that. It appeared I had it all together. Wow, that time has both gone so incredibly fast and so extremely slow.

On October 24th I met my husband Bald Lover. We had been talking and known of each other for quite a while but our 100+ mile distance caused difficulty in ironing out a time to “date”.

I don’t remember everything I should about the evening we met. But I know that I waited nervously with my cousin and some friends for him to arrive where we were hanging out that night. Let me just expose the elephant in the room – it was a bar. I was single, the kids were away, and I’m now justifying something I don’t have to justify. Anyway, I swung around on the bar-stool to greet him and the entire world froze. He had to be the cutest damn thing that ever wore a ball cap.

The circumstances of his visit to my town were gray, his mom was in the hospital and he’d been sitting with her day in and day out, worrying, stressing, praying. Late that Friday evening he had to get away, and he chose to take that time to meet me. He was a little lost, a lottle down, but something in the moment that I met him changed me forever. We hit it off from the get-go. He was absolutely none of the things I was looking for. I was on a mad hunt for a country bumpkin. I wanted the brown shaggy hair, tall country boy that drove a pickup truck and had kids of his own and a vasectomy to boot.

Instead, I found a short bald guy in a BMW with no children and fully functioning baby-making parts. But alll of a sudden my “list” of what I wanted in life was irrelevant. We just meshed well from the moment we met that night. Not too long into the evening my friend announced to me that I would marry him. The girl who was the biggest skeptic about guys in my life called it in the first half hour. What a wonderful memory.

That following morning, his mother passed away. I never met her.

And my gosh have we been to hell and back since then. But he’s mine. He’s all I really ever wanted.

Happy Three years my baldy.


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25 responses to “Has it been three years?

  1. Soooo sweet. Happy three years!

  2. It might be because I’m PMS’ing but this post made me tear up. It was really sweet. And what timing – his mother must’ve known he was “safe” with you. Off to get my box of Kleenex now!
    I just love happily ever afters…

    • aww. Thanks! The timing has always been bitter sweet for me. I teared up when writing the post, my husband read it real quick and went “mm, well that’s sweet” and was over it. us women!

  3. Too cute! The list does totally go out of the window once you meet the right person.

  4. Found you by way of lovelinks. Happy anniversary to you and Bald Lover! What a sweet story.
    I’ve got to come up with a creative nickname for my husband. When I mention him on my blog I just call him Huz. #boring

    • You know it’s funny you mention that, apparently “bald lover” is a very highly searched phrase on google because every day on my stats it says “bald lover” under search terms. I didn’t know this when I named him that, so might I suggest you do some keyword research first, because it brings a LOT of visitors to the site, haha 😉

    • P.S. My husband just read your comment and isn’t real familiar with hash tags, he thought you said you called your hubby “huzboring” and he found great humor in that name!

  5. Oh I loved this. Happy 3 years you guys! Stopping by from lovelinks.

  6. Happy Anniversary! That’s just a gorgeous love at first sight story.

    Here from lovelinks!

  7. Well, happy 3 year anniversary to you! Doesn’t life surprise us sometimes? Just when we think we know what we want, something happens to change our minds entirely. Hope you two enjoy some time together!

  8. mamawearpapashirt

    Happy 3 years! Such a touching love story…sniff. Have a great many-more-years ahead, you guys. 🙂

  9. Awe… Happy 3 yrs!! What a sweet post! :^)

  10. Hooray! What a great feeling, to know the one you are with is the right one! 🙂 Love that his nickname is Bald Lover. Have his friends started calling him that, yet?

    • You know, I don’t know if anyone outside of the blogosphere has referred to him as Bald Lover or not. Maybe I should post it on his facebook page to get the word out 🙂

  11. Real love story! Happy 3rd!

  12. Happy 3 years! IT’s a wonderful feeling when you meet “the one”…here’s to many more!

  13. I love what ADO said above, his mother must have known.
    Visiting from lovelinks

  14. So adorable! What a lovely, heartfelt post. I love the story of how you met, despite his hard times. Sometimes, you just know!

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