First You Crawl, Then You Walk, Now Drive, Baby!

I took my fifteen and a half year old Grace on her first driving experience this evening. I could just stop at that sentence, because I don’t know how to put anything else in words, it’s just so hard to believe that somehow she’s old enough to operate heavy (and expensive) machinery. I remember the first time I drove – Daddy put me behind the wheel of an Oldsmobile Delta 88 (read: Big ass car). I remembered thinking that it was weird to drive from way over there on the left side as the wheels coasted over the curb, it’s hard to see whats on the right hand side of you, hard to align the wheel with where you’d like to go. Brittani’s experience was in a BMW, and she did great. With the exception of one brief second where we narrowly missed a neighbors mailbox, swerving to the left quickly to miss it, with the help of me. When she started crawling, I knew I had to baby proof the house – cabinet locks, toilet lids, outlet covers, items within her reach. When she started walking, we wiped every child level surface of breakables, door knob covers, and any medication or hairsprays, etc… but when she’s driving, the only means I have to ensure her safety is to teach her nice and slow, the way my dad did. Seatbelt, Mirrors, Look before you go, but don’t go. Just stay. I’m not ready for you to grow up yet.

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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