Surrounded by chaos, I will be thankful.

When I leave thirty minutes early to pick up my oldest only to forget my cell phone and miss her frantic text that she was running late due to schedule conflicts while I worry sickly in the hot vehicle, I will be thankful. When she arrives in the car and we make a mad dash to retrieve her baby sister amidst cars honking and parked in the middle of the only exit for no aparent reason, I’ll remember to be grateful. When we’re stuck at a light for countless minutes because some bozo is attempting a left turn while the sign prohibiting such an act is perched directly above him, I’ll enjoy those extra minutes in the car with my daughter. When I encounter three school zones and a crossing guard who can’t get it together and a car darts out in front of me while no one is behind me for a good mile, I’ll still be thankful. When I arrive at my youngest’s school late but just in time to notice I’m out of gas and there is no parking space available leaving me no choice but to anchor my car somewhere creatively thus causing us to nearly get hit while crossing the street –all while dripping sweat in places we don’t mention – I will be thankful. Because this year, I am not paying anyone else to do this job. This year, I get to do my job myself, I get to be the first person they see when they get out of school, and during those delays, my teenager is trapped in the car with me, leaving her no escape from good conversation with her mother. This year, when I grit my teeth, slam on my breaks and wear my horn out, I’ll remember that some moms don’t get this opportunity. I will never wish it away. I will remember how blessed I am.

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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