The Pail List (short, non bucket) :)

No, it’s not a bucket list – I won’t be climbing Mountains or swimming with killer sharks, but it’s my pail list – things I’ve been putting off, things that NEED doing – things I avoid, things that suck to admit the truth about, things that are just too hard to do sometimes without putting them next to numbers on a list and placing them for all the public to read. Not that it will make me more accountable or anything, just make me look like a fool when they never get crossed off. So here they are, in no particular order because obviously my kids mean more to me than the dentist:

  1. Get Mouth Fixed – I have a couple new cavities, two baby teeth and an adult tooth that is coming through the top side of my mouth that will need surgical extraction. While I’m awake. Quit putting it off.
  2. Weigh in the 130s I’m only a few pounds away, but I haven’t been in the 130s since I was single. This time I’d like to be in the 130s WITHOUT my husband leaving me first
  3. Be social in real life. Like, OMG, quit avoiding people, answer the phone, reply to texts, go places when I’m invited. When did I get so damn old and kermudgenly?
  4. Be active in my community – it’s one thing I had in Tulsa – I was the cheer pres, soccer organizer, on the PTA, super involved in my church and now? I’m not. I’m just not. I’m not sure where I lost me in all of this.
  5. Volunteer – another thing that evaporated from my existence in the transition to OKC
  6. Spend absolute quality time with the kids/hubs (like, not in front of the TV or just nodding rapidly while they talk and I’m on the computer or something. Pay some freaking attention. Before they’re all gone.
  7. Get back to those activities that make me happy. You remember, beading, refunding, reading, anything else but the computer, tv, or the backs of my eyelids.
  8. Seek out that friend I’ve been missing out on. Old BFF moved away, we don’t talk. I’ve been denying needing that in my life. Might be time to accpt the facts and seek it out. Maybe.

So now it’s in black and white. Those numbered black and white lines highlight where I went from normal mom to loser in a new town. I’ve been here 2.5 years, might be time to accept it or something?

Tell me something on your pail list. Make me feel better 🙂

3 responses to “The Pail List (short, non bucket) :)

  1. Jen’s Pail List:

    1. Get to the dentist before my teeth rot and fall out. Yes I have dental insurance, and no it doesn’t make me get off my butt and go. The last time I got over my fears and went to the dentist, he was such a greek god that I kept my eyes wide open during a root canal
    (to stare at his delicious face) and he shot me in the eye with bleach and then ran me through the lobby to get to the bathroom, when I got there, I saw what they saw. Wide open mouth- streched with metal brackets, smeared mascara, partial blindness and general fear. Oh and one pretty ass smock with drool on it. I’ll keep it a secret whether it was drool over the Dr. Greek God or drool over a root canal.

    2. Be less social. I don’t have to be the only non-keds wearing mom on my kid’s PTA. The scary women that make up my PTA are stabbing each other in the back to win what exactly? Award for most annoying? Your kid is in fifth grade, you do not have to take a break to wipe his ass. See I can be a Bitch! I can do it! 🙂

  2. 3. Don’t do anymore innebriated cartwheels ending in the chinese splits. My pants will thank me.

    4. Care enough to use spellcheck. Until then, I know how to spell Bitches. I just type to fast 🙂

    5. Stop some of my family members from breeding. Checking into inventing birth control soda. It has to taste like beer. Tricky.

    6. Stop embarrasing my husband. He is so well behaved I’m afraid one of these days he will be ashamed to admit he married THAT women.

    7. Start a blog and stick to it, not forget the password and then forgetting the blog. I might have to work on number 4 first. Party poopers.

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