Couponing – Teach an old dog new tricks (please)!

See this beautiful girl clipping coupons for mommy during her routine chore of saving me $3 whole dollars!!!? I hate to break it to her that we have no where to put those awesome coupons she’s clipping….
I used to pride myself in my couponing, and frankly, I bragged about that one time I was on the cover of Refunding Cents – but dear good coupon grief that was years ago. Years ago when I had TIME and when I was broke and needed every spare cent I could find – not that I’m rich now, goodness, far from it, but I can finally walk past a heads down penny on the toasty pavement without stopping to add it to my small collections of other pennies that might add up some day to a fountain drink at my favorite convenience store.

I really miss feeling like I got a great deal, and have been doing most excellent (read: average) with my coupon savings lately, $50 here, $28 there – but I’m so limited because I’m so disorganized.

See that small little pink thing on the corner of the table? That’s my coupon organizer, It’s a small and rather useless piece of plastic harnessed by an stretched out elastic band that does. not. work. I can’t count the times I’ve been leafing through my coupons while blocking the entire aisle of our grocery store and that elastic band comes lose and coupons go raining down on the floor. Embarassment doesn’t describe it. Not to mention it’s lack of cozy compartments that are labled with organized stashes of my favorite deals. It’s so over-crammed I couldn’t tell you what was in it right now. So I’m begging and pleading with my fellow good-deal lovers. Bring me up to date, get me out of the ratted hair, stonewashed jeans nineties that my couponing habits are stuck like cement in. What do you use? How do you make it work. Sure I could spend more hours googling away, but I need real life answers. *help*.

One response to “Couponing – Teach an old dog new tricks (please)!

  1. As with all endeavors, you may have to try a couple ways till you find what works for you.
    I use a Tupperware container that’s about seven inches square and 5 inches high. Inside I added 5 x6 index card file dividers and labeled them in the order of the grocery store aisles. For me that’s Dairy, Laundry, Paper, Baking…etc. There are two extra sections in the front one for the coupons I have pulled for the current trip and short dates and the the second I fill as I shop with the ones that I am using today and the item is in the cart. I have been using this method for 23 years. The container fits in the cart basket along with my purse. I left it in the cart once after loading my car and frantically called the store to get it back. Next time I stuck an address label on the inside of the lid. As I leave the house to shop from groceries, I always say TLC- Totes, Lists, and Coupons!
    My local store also has coupons deals that I “clip” on the computer and redeem by entering a pin as a I check out.

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