Dear Body,

Lets talk about the changes you’ve made without my permission. When we began you were but 6 pounds, and years later after the birth of each of your children, you held your own at a whopping 98 pounds. Your brother once jumped on you as the wind blew claiming he was afraid you would blow away, remember that time your mom asked if you were on drugs because your washboard abs and twig like frame were not that of a heavy-weight eater? Don’t you get jealous of those with a muffin top now that you have an entire loaf? Don’t you miss the girly curves instead of the mountain of fat? Don’t you realize that the fact that you have to lean forward to peer over your belly to view the scale causes the scale to shift and add five pounds. At least.

Remember how when I was asked if I was pregnant and responded with “no, I just had a baby…11 years ago” and I thought it was funny but you sucked in your tummy in shame? Do you enjoy the stares when we have a nice beer in public — how could that PREGNANT woman be drinking? No? Me either.

Remember how your husband bought you that gorgeous coat for Christmas and you couldn’t wrap it around your whale frame? And how hard you worked to drop those 25 pounds just so that heavy coat would fit…right in time for summer? Then you stopped losing weight because you’re stubborn, and because I like to eat the whole plate of brownies all at once “while they’re fresh”? I know this conversation is rough to have just days before we head off to vacation, but I think it’s important that you keep in mind that things need to change. So for visual instruction, please take heed –

Here’s where we were…


SO here’s where we are…

and here’s where we need to be….

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