This 9 year old voice is my trademark…

Everyone says I sound like I am nine years old. It’s better than the 5 year old voice I had before the tonsillectomy and what my specialist described as total reconstruction of my throat in 2008 when my tonsils swelled to meet each other causing me to not be able to speak at all. Just another one of the many auto-immune excitements in my life. When I went in for the surgery there was an underlying desire that my voice would grow up a little, that I wouldn’t be asked if my mom had given me permission when I called to order a pizza, and that I’d quit hearing “Can I speak to the lady of the house” when I answered the phone to a telemarketer. I AM the lady of the house, and I grew quite tired of having to promise people over and over on the phone.

The voice fits with the young looks, a very special and substantial gift given to me by my mother. I can’t walk around at my daughters school without being told I need to get to class. It’s all a complete package and I think it symbolizes how I feel inside – a 31 year old mother with a 15 and 11 year old daughters, grew up quite quickly in responsibility, but I think the voice and the looks matches where I think I should be right now.

So when Ciaomom hosted a linky and provided me the writing prompt of things I like about myself, this was one of the few things that popped in to my mind. It’s also one of the very few things that doesn’t change from time to time.

When dialing up an old friend, there’s never the awkwardness of having to announce who I am — I hear multiple times the line “I would have recognized that voice anywhere”. Which is great unless you’re trying to make prank calls.

It’s nothing I can change, though I’ve tried to with surgery, but I’m sure I’d be disappointed had I have awoke from that surgery sounding anything older than an elementary kid just trying to find her way through multiplication tables and school lunches. This tiny voice I own is large. It gets me what I want with my husband and parents – a little whine here, and it’s usually mine. It can be stern if it needs to be, when demanding a refund or convincing my kids to do their chores, it can comfort a sick child, it can be there for a friend. It’s something that has been with me my whole life and is a trademark to who I am.

Coming in a close second:
2. I like my forehead. My family lovingly calls it a fivehead due to it’s prominence on my head, but it’s a pretty sweet head.
3. I like my feet. Though one of them is a little dented from the benign fasciculation syndrome, I still think they’re pretty — I like to believe I could be a foot model (at least for a medical article, right?)
4. I like my hair. It’s long length and blond just until you get to the top keeps me spending money at the salon to make it all match. I used to joke that I was calico. I love it, and I’m trying to embrace it before it all turns gray. Hey, at least at gray it has a better chance of being all one color
5. I like my willpower. Having lost 30 pounds in 4 months I have hit a small snag, but I like that inner voice that says “whatever Brandy, get your butt to the gym, fitness isn’t free” it keeps me motivated. Mostly.

5 responses to “This 9 year old voice is my trademark…

  1. That’s great that you love your voice! It makes you unique! And, I’m so jealous of #5…..I really need some willpower right now!

  2. Way to go on the 30 pounds! And I love that you get told to get to class–and that you are embracing it! you are giving your daughters such a gift in your role modeling! Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I’m with Jackie…your voice that is uniquely you. I’ve never recognize my own voice, thinking its my sister speaking, rather than me.
    And your feet! Yeah! I actually like feet, well, most feet.
    Thanks for coming by to see me today. Nice to meet you.
    (And AWESOME that you call yourself a calico!)

  4. I love how you picked internal and external likes. And seriously? Congrats on that willpower- so amazing!!

  5. I loved getting to know you better, thank you for writing these.. my first visit to your blog!

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