Gratitude. My First

I woke up pissed this morning. Even the way my pillow felt under my head pissed me off. Not in the mood to be touched or talked to, I snapped my bald lover’s head off. I haven’t even spoken to the kids much. Then I read Genie In A Blog’s post about gratitude and I grumbled a little.

Ok. Ok. I’ll do it.

Today I’m thankful for rehab, AA and my husbands willingness to commit to it. Even though I’m sick of being home alone. 🙂
I’m thankful for Skype so my daughter can chat with her boyfriend back home, thus putting off her asking me to move in with her dad to be closer to her boyfriend
I’m thankful for sunshine because the last time I was in this mood, there were 15″ of snow blocking me in the house
I’m thankful for my job, because of it, I get to stay at home every single day and be with my kids – and the fact that I pick and choose what jobs I take and how long I’m busy during the week
I’m thankful for the pain in my arms, because it means my work out at the gym yesterday was just right.

I’m thankful for bloggers who have a much better attitude than I do and cause me to stop and think and be grateful.

One response to “Gratitude. My First

  1. What a great list. I love how you dug through the tough stuff to get to the good. Sometimes that’s what it’s all about, and the more you start to recognize these things to be grateful for, the more they will show themselves to you. Thank you for linking up!

    PS When you entered into the linky you put my UR instead of your own, but I corrected it so everyone will be directed here!

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