Bitchy Wife strikes again!

It’s rare that it happens, but occasionally I wake up thinking the world sucks. Now, having lived through multiple health issues and having the blessing of two daughters that are obviously suck-free, I know better on the rational side of my brain, but mornings like this morning, the rational side of my brain seems to be sleeping in.

My poor husband did nothing wrong except rub my back as I was waking up – and I, without thinking of course, snapped and said “you never rub my back, in fact you never touch me, WHY are you rubbing my back now”?

I’m chuckling a little at myself right now for how ludicris that is. He is in fact a very affectionate husband, we’ve just been two busy people doing our own thing lately, and maybe that’s what I was mad about, I dont know. All I know is that I was mad at everything, and he couldn’t win.

I continued with my woe-is-me self pity induced anger for a good hour until he left to go to a meeting. Then I was mad because he left when I clearly wanted nothing more than just to fight today and he seemed to have better things to do.

After returning from his meeting, he followed me to drop my car off at the auto repair shop and as I got into his car to head back home, there in the passenger seat sat flowers.

And for a moment, I was pissed. 🙂 Are you surprised? EVERYTHING was making me mad.

“Did you get these for me so I would feel even worse”? I asked and then laughed like I was joking. I WAS joking, right? I mean, this man bought me flowers to say “sorry” for something he didn’t even do and I couldn’t even thank him for the gesture appropriately. I know you must be thinking “poor guy, he sure picked a winner, didn’t he” — and in my defense, these days really are few and far between, but when they happen, they’re unfair to the world around me.

Eventually my Bald Lover and I had a small heart to heart sitting in the car in front of the repair shop where I instantly forgave him for all the stuff he didn’t do wrong today.

You know you’ve picked the right guy when he feels helpless by your mood and drives right to the flower store 🙂

Thanks honey, I’m sorry you had to put up with me today. ❤

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