Free Baby – Winners Drawn Monthly?

I’m not going to lie, what drew me to this top news story is the fact that I want another baby but I can’t have one due to having congestive heart failure twice with pregnancy — I’m weird like that – but this doesn’t apply to me because we would have to adopt. After I got to reading on the subject on many sites, and all the controversy that it entails, I’m pretty certain that I’d be all for it if I was one of those couples who couldn’t have a child and needed costly and unguaranteed in-vitro fertilization.

Launching on July 30th a UK Company is offering something I have never heard of, but see no problem with: for only $32 bucks entrants can purchase a chance to win $25,000 of in-vitro treatments and the stay in a fancy schmancy hotel with a personal limo driver to take them to and fro their treatments. A winner will be selected monthly, thus potentially helping 12 families a year with conceiving a child without the extreme cost.

The controversy in Britain stems from organizations and officials believing that it’s inappropriate to offer a chance to win something that is so personal and something we should show sympathy for, after all, these people are desperately trying to have a baby and they think a contest is making light of it. I think the contest is helping people who can’t typically afford $25,000+ in painful medical treatments that may or may not work.

It’s not like the organization has a basket of babies in the closet and are giving them away monthly.

Where do you stand on this? Shed some light I’m always willing to admit where I stand corrected.

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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