If you have a blog

I’m a  blog reader, in fact, sometimes I forget that just because I read your blog does not mean you’re my BFF – and I often say “Oh, my Friend (insert blogger name here) said her son was born early too” in a conversation with my friends.

It’s true, while I was blogging full time under the name we will not refer to, I picked up a whole lot of favorites. Then life happened and I narrowed it down to four or five bloggers that I couldn’t stand to miss out on.

Now I’ve nothing better to do all day than prop my feet up and read your daily details. So if you have a blog, please post it here so I can add it to my favorites.


5 responses to “If you have a blog

  1. I have a blog but that’s how YOU found ME! Love your blog! Can’t wait to read more!

  2. Room-inations
    Organizing Ideas from Neat Streak


  3. Well I see you found me on Twitter, does that mean you found my blog too?

    Check me out below. I hope to make you smile or laugh on Monday mornings.

    Plus, I love the wallpaper on your twitter account……

  4. Uh, I guess that should be check me out ABOVE. Not below.

    Sometimes I am stupid.

  5. I have a blog and I found you through a funny comment you made on another blog. So now we may not be BFFs, but quite possibly, I am stalking you. In a nice way, of course.


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