Working for Pennies

I keep telling myself that when you start your own business, it takes a whole lot of nearly free work in order to build up your reputation and in turn, your business. But no matter how often I remind myself of this, I often find myself thinking “I’m worth more than this”.

When my husband and I decided I would leave my former employer to stay at home with my children because my heart was breaking daily from not seeing them, and knowing that their departure from our home would be just around the corner (they’re 15 and 11, you see), I had a gut feeling that I wouldn’t be able to sit still.

The Bald Lover makes a great income, he’s an excellent provider and a hard worker, but how fair is it to ask him to carry our entire household. While he claims In all her Gracefulness and Great Gabby as his very own children, they are not his blood, and while he would never say this, I just don’t feel like it’s fair to ask him to support his new wife and her children, regardless of the fact that he loves us all with his entire heart.

So I decided to go into business for myself to cover the extras in life. You know, vacations, school clothes, PTA memberships, all the things that pop up and make the budget go “WTF”! So far it’s working. In a month I earned exactly half of what I would have if I was working full time, and I know, that’s only half, but it’s better than zero and the best part was that even though I was head down in the computer a lot of the time, I was still IN THIS HOUSE in the presence of my kids if they needed anything. Not that teenagers need their mom, but let me believe it could happen.

I work nearly the same amount of hours, really. Because half is spent working for the client and half is spent working on the business side of things. It’s pennies, really. But it’s something and it fulfills me.

I can still clean the house, cook the meals, be with the kids, and earn a little bit of money. I keep telling myself this will all pay off someday. But reading the previous sentence, I realize it already has.

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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