I’m always up for a good deal

Coupons are always in hand (or in the trunk, or on the kitchen counter, or stashes somewhere in my closet where I sat down my purse) — ok, maybe not always in my hand, being that I typically have to go on a good hourly hunt for them, if I even remember to take them. But today’s great deal was perfect — the coupons were in the paper that I sat down to read, it’s like God was telling me it was time to make a purchase. I needed conditioner, and the answer laid right there in my CVS circular. Here’s how it played out.

Regularly $4.99 each, on sale 2 for $6.97 – $3.00 coupon off two, – $2.50 rewards bucks equals $1.87 tax included. Yep, $0.93 cents each. So my hair will smell clean, but not cheap clean! Conditioner and Spray Gel… the spray gel is just for looks, as I rarely do my hair these days.    🙂 Rocking savings of $9.05,

I get excited for your comments. Come on people, don't let me down!

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