Two Years, Still Lost

I relocated to Oklahoma City in May of 2009. I was excited having lived in Tulsa my whole big life because I needed a break from my past, the creepily haunting past that seemed to be everywhere following my fourteen year marriage ending in divorce, I was over him and had been for about two years before we divorced, but everywhere I looked were the crazy things that you don’t think about day to day when you’re married. Like the coffee shop I would pass each day on the way to work – the coffee shop that we argued about daily because if he wasn’t in school, “working,” with his best friend (I often wonder what they did in their alone time) or with his girl friend (not a story I want to retell) then his butt was planted in that coffee shop. Or I would run in to his parents, who I love, but they were always snooping for information about my single life, or offering judgemental looks, or I’d pass right by his apartment that he carefully chose six blocks away at the end of my street – it was everywhere, and I was done with it.

Now in previous years of my life, when I visited this town, I never really liked it. It seemed busy, a little dirty, and excessively foreign. But this time I would have someone who knew the ins and outs of OKC, and plus, I kind of really liked him and couldn’t imagine being away from him 🙂

Now two years have passed and I still know no one, I still can barely get from point A to point B, and my kids still haven’t adjusted to the move. I thought for certain by this time we’d have friends pouring out of our ears and be very involved in our community. To date, it’s still just us, in a big strange foreign land.

One response to “Two Years, Still Lost

  1. I loved your post! I moved from OKC to Lawton 2 years ago and feel like a stranger too! My ‘Man in a Cowboy Hat’ is from here and made it seem like things would be great from the start out here but all we’ve found is more drama than we wanted and a lion’s share of loneliness. I’m starting to like it more each day (it helps that this is the kind of life I craved growing up) but I still feel lost out here. It’s hard to make friends but I keep telling myself that it’s not important as long as I’m happy with my life, and I am.

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