Brittani Kay

God created my little Brittani. There is no way that two children ages 15 and 17 could have created something this beautiful on our own. We were destined to fail at our age, and with the lack of support that Therman had in his family, and the grunts, stares and comments made by my extended family, people in the grocery store, and “friends”. No one believed that our child would have opportunities, or chances – she was as destined to fail as we were, because we hadn’t planned our life right.

I’ll never forget the elderly gentleman at Warehouse Market who found me pregnant at 15 in a checkout line with my mother and proceeded to tell me how he was disappointed in my choices, and how I’d forever be a product of welfare – I’d always be “his” problem. This stranger hurt me so deep, but he helped me more than he knows – because of him, Therman and I have always provided for ourselves. – That’s not what this post is about though. Tuesday January 23, 1996 (11 years ago today) – I went into labor for the first time in my life. I was young and naïve, and laid in the floor for 8 hours in labor by myself because I didn’t know it was labor. I won’t bore you with the birth story, not because it’s uninteresting, but because my daughter’s birthday is no longer about the way I struggled to deliver her tiny body in a hospital bed surrounded by people I don’t know. Instead, it’s a day to celebrate her life, and the person she has become. If you asked me to describe Brittani in one word, I’d look at you like you’ve obviously never met Brit. One single word would never cover this child. She’s amazing. She’s a girl scout, and a dancer, a soccer player and a violinist – she’s popular not because of her attitude around the girls, but because of her sweet and caring disposition. She’s everything I am not. She’s long and thin like her dad, but her eyes came from me – green when she’s happy, hazel when she’s not. Her olive skin tone was a surprise from God – we’ve no clue where she got it. She’s thin and has a bright smile, she giggles and snorts and sleeps on her stomach. She’s got thick hair and perfect yet untouched eyebrows. She wants to work for Therapetics training service animals. She’s been planning a social work degree for five years. Even after being viciously bitten by a police dog last year while she delivered Girl Scout cookies. She just keeps going. She believes in recycling and saving animals, in humanity and in God.

She’s brilliant – top of her class, only one to make a 100% on every single State mandated test in her school, spelling bee champion, straight A student, she’s organized and planned and adjusted.

She has a heart condition and anxiety – two things I gave her. She’s smart and quiet – two things that are gifts from her father. She hates physical affection and especially giving kisses – but that’s who she is, it’s not a negative

She has a relationship with God, she’s unashamed by her beliefs, she’s pleased with who she is, she has confidence I never did. She amazes me a little bit more every day. I’m in awe of her abilities, I adore her personality. I’m in love with this child in ways only a mother can understand.

My little Brittani Kay is eleven now. Today we will celebrate her life.

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