There’s More To It Than That

I woke up without an alarm at a little before six. I had the jitters. Today was meet the teacher day for the girls, and I was the one that was nervous. Every other year, I’d been able to devote a whole year to the school, I was up there all day long and able to see how the teachers were treating my little beauties. This year is different. This year, I have to be away full time. This year, I have no choice but to trust someone else.
This morning as I introduced my children to their respective teachers, and shook their hands, I fought the urge to beg them to be kind to my children. I resisted crying on the spot and telling them what these girls mean to me, and how hard it is for me to trust anyone else in this world to provide anything for them, even education… because I’m their mommy. I want to plead with these teachers, who are simply doing their job, to go above their job and love my children. Because these babies? They’re special. They’re deserving. They’re ever so forgiving, but this momma is not, and to cross my children will get me as angry as a bear with a headache, I want to ask them to be gentle with their spirits, and encouraging with their words, to try to light up when they see my children, even if they don’t feel excited at the moment, and to take their feelings to heart.  I want to remind them that friendships are big deals, and that my kids will get things right if they’re given the instruction to do it, but to remember that in my heart, they’re still just babies, so whisper the instructions to them, and pat them on the head, and smile at them, and make them feel as important as they really are.

I want to say all of these things and more, but instead, I just shake the teacher’s hand, and put away the girls’ school supplies quietly, fill out the paperwork, and walk out of the room saying a prayer that the teacher that was paired with my child will realize that these little people might not be crucial to their world, but they are my entity, and their happiness is my only care.

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